The study Biology has been established in Wageningen in 1970 and has been taught for seventeen years before B.V.W. 'Biologica' was founded. Beofre this, some activities were already being organised for biologists. Some of our committees have a history that goes back before our official establishment. The Missing Link, for example, already existed as de 'Pruttel'. A committee with the name bioborrelcommissie (bio party committee) has evolved into the BAC, the Biologist Activity Committee. Finally, there was a committee that introduced the new first year students to each other, currently known as the BIKcie (Biologist Introduction Camp committee). Only in 1987 these separate committees were united as biologist study association.
If you are curious about the history of our association, have a look in our old almanacs! (Be aware, these are in Dutch)


At this moment, 'Biologica' has over 1000 members and almost 20 committees, so there are activities during almost every week.