The 58th board consists of:

Chair: Steven Schoonderwoerd
Secretary: Annina van Roode
Treasurer: Marthe Lamain
Commissioner of Personal Relations: Sam van Zijtveld
Commissioner External Relations:  Rick de Moel
Commissioner Study: Rosanne Dodde
Commissioner Committees: Clint Heijstek


Hey everyone! 


My name is Steven Schoonderwoerd, but I’m also known as Stibba or “bald guy”. After fulfilling the past 8 months as Secretary, I will now put all my best efforts at leading this association as the new Chairman! Almost all the meetings will be led by me, or at least I will attempt to lead them!. I am also part of a couple commissions, for example the Fotosynthese. Making the photographs of all the different activities is extremely fun to me! Another great passion of mine is music, I like to listen to music with everything I do in whatever genre: I can go from hip-hop to K-pop and metal core in an afternoon!  


I’m from Amstelveen, a city that is situated a little below Amsterdam. The city life didn’t really speak to me, however, and when I arrived in Wageningen, I knew I had found my place here! I took it a bit slow in my first year, I played a lot of video games. Together with some friends, I’ve set up an Esports association and I’ve played competitive League of Legends! I joined the photography commission and a few months later I’m part of the new board! 


Feel free to hit me up with any questions about the association, gaming or music and I hope to see you all on our many activities!  


Kind regards, 




Dear all,


My name is Annina van Roode and I am the secretary of B.V.W. Biologica. Keeping everything in order is one of my qualities. Even though it is far away, I am already working out what I want to do as Master. That is why I enjoy being in charge of keeping track who the members of B.V.W. Biologica are, buy supplies for ‘Het Hok’, to keep in touch with members but also other student associations and keep the records of the meetings. I still have trouble with writing however, the weekly mail ‘Bioflits’ will probably help me out for in the future. Now I can spread my random weird facts to everyone!


Most biologists probably do not recognize me and that is not weird. At first, I was very active in another student association where I enjoyed my work in the acquisition and cleaning the attic. The acquisition is like the SponsCie so that is why I also joined the SponsCie now. I still have a great set of friends who I see weekly to eat together.


I have lived in Amsterdam since I was 6, which is really different from Wageningen. I must say that my preference lies at Wageningen. It has become my home with a lot of activities and friends. With my major C Human and Animal Health, Wageningen is probably not the right place for me in respect of study, though I do not mind! In the future I want to be active in a communicative job hence I think to be part of the board of B.V.W. Biologica is a great opportunity to develop these skills. A random fact of mine is that I have a really sweet pet: my ferret May. I also like to talk a lot, mostly about random stuff and how everyone experiences the most normal things. If you would like to have a good conversation, do not be shy and come talk to me.


For questions you can always email me but a conversation is much better :3


Kind regards,




Hi everyone,


I am Marthe Lamain, the treasurer of the 58th board. This means that I am responsible for the accounting, I check the declarations and approve them, I help out all committee treasurers of the association and I keep track of the financial overview of B.V.W. 'Biologica'.


I am also active in several committees of the association, I help with organizing the ‘student for a day’ days with the MeeCie, I take photos during various activities with Photosynthesis, I organize the ‘Parents Day’ for the first year bachelor biologists, I am active in the PromoCie, who design and sell all promotional materials such as the 'I Vink'-shirts and the ‘biologica dopper’. I also previously have been active in the IntegraCie, which organized a pleasant weekend in the summer for biologists and in the IntrodukCie who organized several activities during the first periods of the school year for the first-year students, such as the AID-study day, ‘decorate your lab coat lunch’ and ‘first year dinner’.


I was born in Utrecht, but I have lived most part of my life in Fochteloo (Friesland). I like reading, walking and watching series in my spare time. If you have any questions you can always email me or speak to me in the ‘biologica room’, where I often can be found.


Kind regards,

Marthe Lamain


Commissioner PR

Hello everyone,


My name is Sam van Zijtveld. I am the only one that keeps their function from the old board. I'll once again fill the function of Commissioner of Personal Relations.  This means that I'll organize parts of the Bachelor- and Masterceremony, also I'll be present during the AID studydays and orientation days. Besides this I'm also responsible for LinkedIn, the B.V.W. 'Biologica' site and our brand new Instagram account.


I also have a life besides the Board and Biologica. I am a third year bachelor student with a major in ecology and biodiversity. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, Dungeons and Dragons, and other board games. Every weekend I go back to my parental home where I work in a snack bar where I precook fries for 5 hours every saturday. Since I only precook fries I know an awful lot of nothing about the rest of it all.


If you see me around on campus, feel free to approach me and with some luck I can make your certificate,



Commissioner External Relations

Hello hello everyone,


My name is Rick de Moel and I am commissionaire External affairs for the 58th board of  B.V.W. ‘Biologica’. That means I will focus on finding and acquiring sponsors, also the upkeep of current sponsors is my task. Finding new sponsors can be quite a challenge, but its no fun if there is no challenge. All the extremely fun activities that Biologica organizes have to be funded somehow of course.


In 2016 I moved to Wageningen from a town called Enkhuizen in the Provence called Noord-Holland to study biology. Since then I have lived on the Camping called De Wielerbaan in Wageningen. Yes, no joke I live in a caravan and no, if it’s winter I don’t get cold, I have a perfectly functioning heater to keep me warm.


I am member of the Sponscie, but you will for sure see me at one of the many Biologica activities, I love a good party. My main hobbys are underwater diving, competitive swimming and my 2 part-time jobs.


My nickname is Nelus, so if you ever meet me you can always call me Nelus if you forgot my name.


Big bye,


Commissionaire External affairs

Commissioner Study

My name is Rosanne Dodde and I’m the Commissioner Education for the 58th board of B.V.W. ‘Biologica’. This means that I strive to stive to keep up and improve the quality of our  courses. 


I do this, for example, at the OnderCie and OpCie meetings. Here students discuss the quality of their course and then a team of students and teachers decide if and how to change subjects to improve it. University wide, I meet with the Education Commissioners of the other student Associations to debate the problems we encounter, to improve the education at Wageningen University. To nationally represent all the biologists at the WUR, I meet with biology students from other universities. This way I get the opportunity to learn about how the biology course is given at other universities. Last but not least, I’m a member of the Education committee, EducaCie. Here I help to organize entertaining and informative activities for our students. I am also part of the SponsCie as ex-Commissioner External Relations, OuderdagCie, Botanica and the DikCie.


Now a bit about myself. I’m 20 years old, a second year student and originally come from the picturesque Schagerbrug that lays in North-Holland -North. 


I am now living in Wageningen in house ‘Villa Volterra’, together with two other former biologica board members, Stefan and my cat Lola. Concerning University, I’m now doing Major D: Ecology and Biodiversity, because the subjects in this major allow me to be outside a lot and to go on awesome excursions. This is a great fit for me, because I love to look for (and draw) animals and plants in the wild. Other hobbies of mine are playing the ukulele, crating things and trying to decrease my climate footprint. 

I hope to see you on our exciting activities!

Yours sincerely,

Rosanne Dodde

Commissioner Education

Commissioner Committees

Hi everybody!


My name is Clint Heijstek and I’m the new Commissioner of Committees of the 58th board of B.V.W. Biologica. It is my task to keep contact with all the different committees that are part of our association and to help them when they are in trouble. I also start new committees and try to get people interested in them. I’m currently in quite a few committees; the BIKcie, IntrodukCie 2019, SpelCie, BAC, MeeCie, Botanica and OuderdagCie2019. So you can say that I’m quite experienced with different committees.


I’m from the always cosy village of Willemstad, where I spend some of my weekends with my family. Now I live in Bennekom. Currently, I’m following the courses for major A, which mainly focusses on microbiology and genetics. I’m absolutely not an outdoor-biologist and would rather spend my whole day in the laboratory.


I hope to see you at some of our activities!


Kind Regards,