The 59th board consists of:

Chair: Annina van Roode
Secretary: Diana Hofman
Treasurer: Marthe Lamain
Commissioner of Personal Relations: Hedwig van de Kamp
Commissioner External Relations:  Rick de Moel
Commissioner Study: Max ten Brink
Commissioner Committees: Clint Heijstek


Hi everyone!


My name is Annina van Roode. After four months of being the Secretary, it is now my job to lead the association as a Chairman. This means I will be leading the meetings as best as I can do. Since I have become more active within this associations, I have joined some committees, like the DetekCie, SponsCie and the SymposiumCie. I hope we will be of great help for the association 😊.


Most biologists probably still do not recognize me. However, I have become more familiar to most. At first, I was very active in another student association where I enjoyed my work in the acquisition and cleaning the attic. The acquisition is like the SponsCie. I still have a great set of friends who I see weekly to eat together.


I have lived in Amsterdam since I was 6, which is really different from Wageningen. I must say that my preference lies at Wageningen. It has become my home with a lot of activities and friends. With my major C Human and Animal Health, Wageningen is probably not the right place for me in respect of study, though I do not mind! In the future I want to be active in a communicative job hence I think to be part of the board of B.V.W. Biologica is a great opportunity to develop these skills. A random fact of mine is that I have a really sweet pet: my ferret May. I also like to talk a lot, mostly about random stuff and how everyone experiences the most normal things. If you would like to have a good conversation, do not be shy and come talk to me.


For questions you can always email me but a conversation is much better :3


Kind regards,






My name is Diana Hofman and I am the board Secretary since May 2019. I answer your E-mails, register new members of our association and perform other administrative duties. I am a member of multiple committees, the FilmCie, MeeCie, SpelCie, BAC, DetekCie and IntrodukCie. Next year I will help writing the almanac with the AlmanakCie. 


Something about myself now. I was born 21 years ago in Utrecht an I live in Wageningen now. I have a small studio at Haarweg and live there with my plants and pets. I have walking sticks and three bunnies as pets. It is a bit crowded, but I love it! I also really enjoy reading, walking in nature, playing the Sims 4 and watching TV series. 


You can find me in the Biology chamber in Forum a lot, don't hesitate to ask me anything! I am also more than happy to show you one of my 1000 bunny photos.


Hope to see you soon!





Hi everyone,

I am Marthe Lamain, the treasurer of the 59th board. This means that I am responsible for the accounting, I check the declarations and approve them, I help out all committee treasurers of the association and I keep track of the financial overview of B.V.W. 'Biologica'.


I am also active in several committees of the association, I help with organizing the ‘student for a day’ days with the MeeCie, I take photos during various activities with Photosynthesis, I have organized the ‘Parents Day’ for the first year bachelor biologists, I am active in the PromoCie, who design and sell all promotional materials such as the 'I Vink'-shirts and the ‘biologica dopper’. I also previously have been active in the IntegraCie, which organized a pleasant weekend in the summer for biologists and in the IntrodukCie who organized several activities during the first periods of the school year for the first-year students, such as the AID-study day, ‘decorate your lab coat lunch’ and ‘first year dinner’.


I was born in Utrecht, but I have lived most part of my life in Fochteloo (Friesland). I like reading, walking and watching series in my spare time. If you have any questions you can always email me or talk to me in the ‘biologica room’, where I often can be found.


Kind regards,

Marthe Lamain



Commissioner PR

Hi Everyone!


My name is Hedwig (yes, really), and I'm the new Commissioner PR of the board. This means I'll mainly be busy with giving talks and the graduations. I am also responsible for this site, the LinkedIn page and the Instagram account. If you would like to put something on there, feel free to send me an email!


I'm a third year bachelor, and am currently following courses in the Major specialisation D 'Ecology and Biodiversity', and enjoy this very much. Next to my study I am a member of several of Biologica's committees: the BAC, IntrodukCie 2019, MeeCie, ScriptCie, SpelCie, and SymposiumCie. I've also finished my work with the OuderdagCie and IntrodukCie 2018. I like being part of committees and helping with organising activities for Biologica members.



Outside of Wageningen I live part-time with my mom, in Warnsveld, and part-time with my dad, in Arnhem. In Warnsveld I have two small dogs, and in Arnhem I have a lovely (though a bit fat) cat, whom I love. I grew up with my mom, but have lived with my dad before getting a room in Wageningen.


Kind regards,




Commissioner External Relations

Hello hello everyone,


My name is Rick de Moel and I am commissionaire External affairs for the 59th board of  B.V.W. ‘Biologica’. That means I will focus on finding and acquiring sponsors, also the upkeep of current sponsors is my task. Finding new sponsors can be quite a challenge, but its no fun if there is no challenge. All the extremely fun activities that Biologica organizes have to be funded somehow of course.


In 2016 I moved to Wageningen from a town called Enkhuizen in the Provence called Noord-Holland to study biology. Since then I have lived on the Camping called De Wielerbaan in Wageningen. Yes, no joke I live in a caravan and no, if it’s winter I don’t get cold, I have a perfectly functioning heater to keep me warm.


I am member of the Sponscie, but you will for sure see me at one of the many Biologica activities, I love a good party. My main hobbys are underwater diving, competitive swimming and my 2 part-time jobs.


My nickname is Nelus, so if you ever meet me you can always call me Nelus if you forgot my name.


Big bye,


Commissionaire External affairs

Commissioner Study

Dear readers,


My name is Max ten Brink, the study commissioner of B.V.W. Biologica. My function is about the studie and about discussing it. I am in multiple commissions to keep the study at the level it now is, like the OpCie and the OnderCie. I am also in the EducaCie, which organizes all the educational activities of Biologica.


The last things I do to keep or improve the level this study is at, is discuss the study with other biology studies from the Netherlands and discuss it with other studies in Wageningen. This is called the LOBS and StuCom respectively. In the last one we mostly discuss study related problems in Wageningen.


And now a little about me. I am 19 years old and I am just starting my second year of the bachelor Biology. I come from a village called Badhoevedorp, which is between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. If I am not busy with doing things for Biologica, you can find me with my yearclub from student association SSR-W. I also like to bike, to swim, to listen to music and to discuss things with other people, and it really does not matter what it is about!


If you ever have a question about the study, you can ask me if you see me, or sent an email. And if you just want to discuss something or just talk, don’t mind to ask me!




Max ten Brink

Commissioner Committees

Hi everybody!


My name is Clint Heijstek and I’m the Commissioner of Committees of the 59th board of B.V.W. Biologica. It is my task to keep contact with all the different committees that are part of our association and to help them when they are in trouble. I also start new committees and try to get people interested in them. I am active in quite a few committees; the BIKcie, IntrodukCie 2019, SpelCie, BAC, MeeCie, Botanica and OuderdagCie2019. So you can say that I’m quite experienced with different committees.


I’m from the always cosy village of Willemstad, where I spend some of my weekends with my family. Now I live in Wageningen. Currently, I’m following the courses for major A, which mainly focusses on microbiology and genetics. I’m absolutely not an outdoor-biologist and would rather spend my whole day in the laboratory.


I hope to see you at some of our activities!


Kind Regards,