The 62th board consists of:

Chair: Anna Spoorman
Secretary: Jennifer van der Sluis
Treasurer: Elisa van Geldorp
Commissioner Internal: Tessa Stroeken
Commissioner of External Affairs:  Jennifer van der Sluis
Commissioner of Education: Daan Curwiel


Hello everyone!


My name is Ilja van Lierop and I am the new Chair of the 61th ‘Biologica’ board. Previously, I was the Secretary from the 20th of January until the 21st of September. As Chair, I lead the weekly board meetings, I update the agenda of the board and I keep track of the board and the association.


I’m currently in the third year of my bachelor, and I’m almost finished with my major, major A. I am a member of multiple committees, such as the BAC, in which I used to help, and hopefully will be doing so again in the future, with organising activities such as my favourite, the karaoke-evening and the Christmas dinner and the campfire drink. Furthermore, I hope that it will be possible to organise a fun parent day with the OuderdagCie for the first-year bachelor biologists upcoming year. I am also a member of the BEC and we hope to organise a nice trip in the summer of 2021.


I’m now, since a few weeks ago, 20 year old and in spite of the board change I am still the youngest one in this board. I’m from Nuenen, which is located near Eindhoven, so I am always in for some ‘Brabantse gezelligheid’. I live in a studio

located on the Marijkeweg, which I’m very grateful for. It is ideal to eat and chill her with my friends, but I also have my own space. Aside from meeting with friends and partying, I really enjoy drawing and painting. I recently got new painting supplies and I bought a new sketchbook, so I hope to be able to draw and paint more! I also like travelling a lot and I would love to see a lot more of this world.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a message or email, or feel free to speak to me!








My name is Jennifer van der Sluis and I’m the combination of the Secretary and the Commissioner of External Relations. Besides that, I have some PR related chores. As Secretary I manage the member-database, which means that I process all the registrations. As Commissioner of External Relations I keep in contact with our beloved sponsors, so we can organize even more fun activities for our members. In addition, I accommodate the promotion on our Instagram, LinkedIn and Discord. I also add the thesis and internship opportunities to the site. 


Before I became a member of the B.V.W. ‘Biologica’ board, I was already part of one committee: the BAC. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had the chance to experience this commission outside of COVID-19 times, but even online it is always a good time (maybe the always present beer plays a role…). I can’t wait to be part of a real life BAC activity, I heard that the karaoke nights are legendary. In the BAC, the ex-board members are over-represented, and it is via them that I became interested in doing a parttime board term. Since I became part of the board, I became a member of more committee’s: the SponCie who always got the Commissioner of External Relations’ back, and the ScripCie who maintain our beautiful website. 


I’m a second years student and I have chosen Major B (Development and Adaptation). Besides my studies, I work two mornings in cleaning. I’m 19 years old and I’m from Deventer. It has been about a year since I traded the Ijssel for the Rhine and I live in a very fun student home with people from all sorts of studies. During lockdown me and my roommates have organized quite a few house parties, and our beer stash is always stocked! I’m also part of student-association Nji-Sri, but unfortunately I have not been as active during COVID. I am already looking forward to again be able to order a large amount of Captain Morgan Pepsi :D. Besides drinking beer, I take care of my ever growing number of houseplants, I draw from time to time and I love to take a walk in the dark (while listening to some metal/rock music). In the weekends I often visit my dogs in Deventer (and my parents of course..). When the weather allows it, I like to go mountain biking in Ede and I can’t wait to finally go swimming in the Rhine. 


Well, I have talked enough! If you would like to know more about me, my experience as a biologist in Wageningen, my function(s) in the board, the board in the broad sense or about life: send me a message or approach me sometimes, that’s nothing but fun!









My name is Elisa and I am the treasurer of the association. I process the declarations and do the bookkeeping. I support the committee treasurers and make and check the budgets and settlements.


I am in my second year and chose to do major C. I was born and raised in Ridderkerk, and now I live in Wageningen with 7 amazing roommates. Like every other great house in Wageningen, our living room is a real jungle. Also, I am trying to turn my balcony into a vegetable garden.  


Within Biologica I am not only a board member but also joined the SpelCie and Aves. In my free time you can find me in the 'uiterwaarden', or busy with reading, painting, nurturing my plants or watching First Dates. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


Kind regards,



Commissioner PR

Hey people,


I am Tessa Stroeken, the Commissioner Internal of the 61th board. I actually have two functions in this board: the commissioner of PR and of committees. This means that I engage in everything that has to do something with the committees of the association. I am the contact person for committees and try to help them when necessary. I also do the promotion for activities and other things and I write the Bioflits and Biobuzz each week and each month. Because of my board function I am a member of some commissions, the IntrodukCie, the MeeCie and the ScriptCie. Besides I am also a co-founder of the Anaconditie.


I am a third years student and I have chosen major D, honestly mainly because of the excursion to the Pyreneeën. I was born in Utrecht and have made a big switch to our small village Wageningen. I am currently living at the Hoogstraat and I am regularly found in nature surrounding Wageningen.


Besides Biologica I have many hobby’s. I love making music, I sing in the band Onkruid and I play piano and guitar. Furthermore, I like to sport regularly and I love taking care of my plants. Of course I also love to chill with some friends now and then.


If you have promo to be shared, you know where to find me and I also like to talk with you about anything!


Kind regards,



Commissioner Study

Greetings all, 


My nomen and omen is Daan Curwiel. My position within the 62nd board of B.V.W. Biologica is that of Commissioner of Studies. Simply put, I concern myself with all things that are related to the study of biology at Wageningen. Changes and improvements to the study programme of biology in Wageningen are discussed during periodic meetings of the Education committee (OnderCie) and the Programme committee (OpCie). I also chair the meetings between all Commisioners of Study in Wageningen (StuCom) to discuss education in Wageningen. Furthermore, I also meet with biology students from all over the Netherlands (LOBS) to discuss all manner of study related topics. Accordingly, it is my duty to report on the matters that are discussed to the students, which I do through the Missing Link, our association newsletter, and several other outlets. Lastly, I am a member of the EducaCie, our educational activities committee, to help organise different kinds of activities related to education. 


I like to spend much of my free time on many plant related activities, be it in- or outside. As a logical result, I am also a member of our plant committee, Botanica. Other favoured activities of mine include reading, playing the piano, drawing, fixing my bike and cooking. 


Don’t hesitate to contact me about a study related matter, but also to discuss plants or a good book. 


Plus Ultra, 


Daan Curwiel