The 60th board consists of:

Chair: Diana Hofman
Secretary: Ilja van Lierop
Treasurer: Mattijs Lootsma
Commissioner of PR: Hedwig van de Kamp
Commissioner of External Affairs:  Teun de Jong
Commissioner of Education: Nathan van Veelen
Commissioner of Committees: Moon van Asseldonk




My name is Diana Hofman and I have been the board Secretary since May 2019 untill January 2020. Since January 20th I am the Chair of the board. I keep the agenda of the board, organise meetings and make sure everything works fine. I am a member of multiple committees, MeeCie, SpelCie, BAC, DetekCie and AlmanakCie 2021. 


Something about myself now. I was born 21 years ago in Utrecht an I live in Wageningen now. I have a small studio at Haarweg and live there with my plants and pets. I have walking sticks and three bunnies as pets. It is a bit crowded, but I love it! I also really enjoy reading, animals, drinks with friends, walking in nature, playing the Sims 4 and watching TV series. 


You can find me in the Biology chamber in Forum a lot, don't hesitate to ask me anything! I am also more than happy to show you one of my 1000 bunny photos.


Hope to see you soon!





Dear all,


My name is Ilja van Lierop and I am the new Secretary of the 60th ‘Biologica’ board. This means that I make minutes of meetings, I do administrational tasks, I keep track of the membersystem, I write the BioFlits and BioBuzz and I post events on the Facebookpage and in the Whatsappgroup.


I’m currently in the second year of my bachelor, and after some anxiety I have chosen to follow major A, because I am interested in genetics and DNA and it seems very useful regarding my interest in plants. I am a member of the BAC, in which I help with organising activities such as the karaoke-evening, the Christmas diner and the campfire drink. Furthermore, I hope to organise a fun parent day with the OuderdagCie for the first-year bachelor biologists.


I’m 19 years old and the youngest one in this board. I’m from Nuenen, which is located near Eindhoven, so I am always in for some ‘Brabantse gezelligheid’. I live in a studio located on the Marijkeweg, which I’m very grateful for and which is ideal to eat and chill with my friends. Aside from this and partying, I enjoy drawing and painting, but this is very time-consuming so unfortunately, I only have time for it when I have holidays. I also like travelling a lot and I would love to see a lot more of this world.


If you have any questions, feel free to send a message or email, or speak to me!







My name is Mattijs and I am the new treasurer of the association. I process the declarations and do the bookkeeping. I support the committee treasurers and make and check the budgets and settlements.


I am in two committees. With the BAC I organize awesome activities like the “kampvuurborrel” and the chrismas diner. I am also in the OuderdagCie, together with the other members of the Ouderdagcie I am going to organize a very fun parents day this year.


I have moved often, but I lived in The Hague for the longest time, where I often go walking on the beach or in the city. I also really like cycling and of course watching Netflix. I chose to move to Wageningen because I wanted to move out of my parents house and in Wageningen I wouldn’t be the only one living on my own. I have not regret this decision, because everybody is super nice!


If you ever have any questions you can always ask me!


Best regards,


Commissioner PR

Hi Everyone!


My name is Hedwig (yes, really), and I'm the new Commissioner PR of the board. This means I'll mainly be busy with giving talks and the graduations. I am also responsible for this site, the LinkedIn page and the Instagram account. If you would like to put something on there, feel free to send me an email!


I'm a third year bachelor, and am currently following courses in the Major specialisation D 'Ecology and Biodiversity', and enjoy this very much. Next to my study I am a member of several of Biologica's committees: the AlmanakCie, BAC, MeeCie, ScriptCie and SpelCie. I've also finished my work with the OuderdagCie, SymposiumCie 2019 and IntrodukCie 2018 and 2019. I like being part of committees and helping with organising activities for Biologica members.



Outside of Wageningen I live part-time with my mom, in Warnsveld, and part-time with my dad, in Arnhem. In Warnsveld I have two small dogs, and in Arnhem I have a lovely (though a bit fat) cat, whom I love. I grew up with my mom, but have lived with my dad before getting a room in Wageningen.


Kind regards,



Commissioner External Relations

Dear readers


So I am Teun de Jong, and for the 60th period of the board of B.V.W. ‘Biologica’ I will for fill the function of Commissaris Extern. As a Extern, I will keep contact with all the externs of our association. This means that I will maintain contact with our beloved sponsors. To provide us with sufficient funding, I will be looking for new sponsors as well.


I am active in several committees. For me this started with the organization of a legendary introduction camp for the first-year bachelor students together with the BIKcie 2019! Beside I am a member of the BAC, for a lot of traditional activities like the BAC Christmas dinner. As an Extern I am president of the SponsCie. As a member of Integracie 2020 I will organize a terrific hitchhiking weekend on the last few days of the summer holyday.


Right now I am a 2nd year bachelor student. I found my place at the Thorbeckestraat in our biology home ‘Het KoffieKrot’. Being born and bred in Noord Holland, I now spend some weekends with my family in the artists village of Bergen near the Schoorlse Duinen. I am not to fund of the Noord Holland landscape, but luckily half my family lives in the woods of the Achterhoek in Gelderland.


I am fund of beekeeping, and I even have a hive in Wageningen. Backpacking, trekking and traveling make me happy as well. So feel free to approach me for a jar of honey, or to chat about Russia, Africa or biology stuff.


Kind regards,


Commissioner of External relations

Commissioner Study

Dear reader!


My name is Nathan van Veelen. At least the coming half year, I will inform you about all developments concerning study related topics as the study commissioner of the 60th board of B.V.W. ‘Biologica’. In addition, I will represent us, the biologists from Wageningen, at various meetings and discussions involving education. You may think that it is very tedious, but man, as a student we can contribute so much to this university. For example, there is constant thought about improvements within the various subjects of the study programme.

his is discussed, among other things, at the periodic Education Committees (OnderCie and OpCie) meetings. Moreover, I also meet monthly with study commissioners from most biology studies in the Netherlands at the National Consultation Committee for Biology Students, the LOBS. Finally, I will chair the meetings with the study commissioners of Wageningen during the StuCom and I am a member of our educational committee, the EducaCie. In addition to the aforementioned meetings, it is also my goal to pass on useful information not only to my fellow board members, but also to the other biology students at Wageningen.


I spend the free time that is left on swimming at the swimming club, reading books about a philosophical theme and discussing that, taking care of my 40 house plants and fanatically listening to an enormous diversity of music.


Know that you can always reach me for study related matters, but you can also contact me if you want to have a nice dialogue!



Nathan van Veelen 

Commissioner Committees

Hi there,


My name is Moon van Asseldonk, within the board of Biologica I am the Commissioner Commissions. My responsibilities are helping out with forming and maintaining the many committees within our association. This includes putting together new committees and helping these committees when they face any issues. I also manage the association agenda.


Why is this position interesting to me? As a fresh biology student, I attended a movie night that was organized by a first-year committee, the FilmCie. During this evening I also became curious what it would be like to be in a committee and, you probably guessed it, my first committee would be the FilmCie :) This is where my activities within Biologica started. A number of committees followed, and perhaps there will be even more in the future. If you want to join a committee as well, you can always enter the committee interest survey on the website.


In addition to being active within B.V.W. Biologica I have a number of other hobbies that I like to spend time on. One of which is listening to and making music. I play a couple of instruments, of which the accordion has been with me the longest. Besides enjoying music at home, I regularly enjoy a concert or festival. I also like to swim and I'll always be excited to read a book or play a game! :)


I would love to speak to you at our next activity :)