The KasCie is responsible for the audit of the study association. We thoroughly check the finances of the association and the work of the board-treasurer at least twice a year. This is done during the audit weekend. During these weekends all the accounts, statement of accounts, safes, ledgers, receipts, invoices, commission-settlements, commission-budgets, and the bookkeeping are checked to see whether everything is in order. Depending on the year sometimes it will take us the entire weekend. Luckily this is not all work, but it is also very sociable. If everything is alright with the (semi-)annual settlement, we give a positive advice during the General members meeting (GMM/ALV), so the association knows that the settlements are clear and of quality. This is to avoid mistakes and haziness when the settlements are checked at a later date. When the board-treasurer finishes his or her term in the board, they join the KasCie with a fellow ex-board member. This causes the KasCie to be made up out of 4 old-treasurers and 4 old-board members, a fun bunch.



The KasCie


Contact: kascie.biologica@wur.nl