We are the KasCie, also known as the "Kascontrolecommissie", which means we check the finances of the study association. At least twice a year we check the work of the Treasurer of the association. Every  receipt, invoice, bank account, coin, committee account and the entire bookkeeping file are checked and compared. You can imagine that it often takes up two whole days in a weekend. After our check of the finances, we give a voting advice to the General Member Meeting about the association account of the past (half a) year. This way, the GMM (or ALV in Dutch) has the certainty that the quality of the accounts is good. Besides these large checks, we check the committee accounts of each temporary committee before they are relieved of duty by a vote of the GMM. This way, we prevent unclear and/or mistakes in the accounts after the treasurer of the committee is no longer responsible.

It is tradition for a Treasurer to join the KasCie after his or her term in the board, together with another board member.

At this moment, three ex-Treasurers and three ex-board members make up the KasCie. This composition makes a weekend of checking the accounts not just a very serious, but also a fun event!



The KasCie


Contact: kascie.biologica@wur.nl